Loretta “Fern” Anderson

Fern passed on September 15, 2022 at the age of 87. At the age of 17, Fern went to work as a clerk at the TG&Y store in Edmond.  Shortly thereafter, she was transferred to the steno pool at TG&Y headquarters in Oklahoma City.  While at headquarters, she received many promotions, awards, and earned many titles.  In 1975, she was promoted to office manager over the distribution center at 33rd and Kelly in Edmond.  She remained there until its closing in 1992. She went back to headquarters where she sorted through and assisted various legal teams with the disbursement and destruction of several thousand documents and different merchandise that was in litigation for the now defunct TG&Y Stores that had been purchased by McCrory.  She was the last TG&Y employee left in the headquarters building upon her retirement in 1994, retiring from a very successful career that spanned 42 years with TG&Y.

Her obituary can be found here: Fern Anderson Obituary The photo shown here is from her obituary at Matthews Funeral Home.
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