Staying In Touch

This site is maintained by volunteers who want to keep the family of former TG&Y connected.

Known Deaths & Obituaries

Death notices and obituaries prior to 2014 are shown in a different format. Newer obituaries are included on the blog. All are provided by readers from a variety of sources. When possible the source will be acknowledged.


Management Information Systems (MIS) reunions, photos, and miscellaneous information. MIS includes the help desk and data entry.

Other Departments

Most of the reunion attendees over the years have been HQ Store Operations but Store Managers and store staff have also participated. Buyers, Treasury & Traffic have been a big part of the group.

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Our Favorite


Multiple years of reunion photos are available. Many of them are no longer living but a great time was had by all.

Update Your Info

Please update your email address if you wish to be contacted for gatherings or other information. If someone contacts us looking for a person, an admin will contact you for permission before sharing any information.

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