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In the interest of transparency, this site is maintained by me, Roberta Kesler. It is a volunteer project born of my interest in the people who were my work family for many years and my interest in doing web and internet projects for the little guy, along with my desire to help make Bobbie Elmore’s life a little easier as she put so much into organizing the reunion.

With Bobbie gone, the torch has passed to Ginny, Hal, Mary and me.

Now for the shameless plug! Below, I may post links which are connected to businesses and general information, all or most of which is controlled by me. Once you leave this site, some of the pages may have links to other sites over which I have no control. Most of the links are to my promotional product, web design or tax business(es) but there may be links to paid advertising or other similar stuff. Some are blogs where you can provide comment/input.

In the interest of fairness, I am happy to place links to sites of other former TG&Y employees if requested by them. I just want to be sure that everyone knows that even though care is taken, this is the internet and it’s a scary place. 🙂 So, thanks in advance for your support. If there is a logo shown, you can probably just click on it. You can reach me using the information on the Contact page.

There may be links from which I make a little “moulah” to assist with the cost of maintaining the site.

I do not sell, rent or share information collected from email or other sources.  If I receive an inquiry about someone for whom I have contact information, I will contact you for permission to release your information and/or give you the contact information of the person making the request.

Email information collected from this site goes only to the website owner, not a third party vendor.

The official information is shown here:

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