TG&Y was originally a partnership formed in the fall of 1935. Central Merchandise Company provided merchandise. In 1941, the partnership was converted into an Oklahoma Corporation, TG&Y Stores Company, Inc.

In 1944 a reorganization was needed and another partnership was formed joining the R.A. Young Stores, the Gosselin Stores and the TG&Y Stores Company.

In 1946, TG&Y Stores Company was incorporated under the laws of the State of Delaware.

In 1957 it was sold to Butler Brothers and in 1960 City Products Corporation acquired Butler Brothers.

In 1986 TG&Y was acquired by McCrory Stores and that was the beginning of the end for the company. Several people chose to move to York, PA and work with McCrory Stores at their corporate office. Some store and district managers moved to other areas but many decided to take their chances with other retail companies in Oklahoma. Many people went to work for Hobby Lobby which is based in Oklahoma City.

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