Former TG&Y Stores Company Personnel Obituaries This is information concerning obituaries, etc. as the information is provided. Information comes from friends, family members and/or newspaper and online obituaries when available. Visitors can comment (until comments are closed) on individual obituaries if there is a post associated with the name.


Our condolences to the families of the following associates. This information is provided by friends and relatives….

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Please Note: When an obituary link is available I post it but those go away after some period of time and I have to remove the links so they may no longer work. The first section contains more recent obits as they have been posted to this site. Below those you will find obits listed by year since most were before we began using this site.


Mr. Nick Jung, Buying Department, passed away on July 5, 2014. His obituary from the Daily Oklahoman.

Michael Howell, Printing Department, passed away on June 15, 2014. His obituary from the Daily Oklahoman.

Marcetta Giardina. She passed away on Wednesday, May 21st, 2014.

Mr. Jarvis Dennis passed away on January 28, 2014. Mr. Dennis was Vice President of Transportation and Warehouse. He was 82. More information may be available on the original post.


Mr. J.L. Price passed on 11/6/2013.

Marice Patteson, Cafeteria, passed away on August 26, 2013. Her daughter Rena provided information.

Cliff Powell passed away on 10/23/2013 at age 70. Cliff was a truck driver for TG&Y starting in the mid-70s.

Bill Moore passed away on August 10, 2013. He was 80.

Jack Calvin Cook passed 5/21/2013

Gary Miller was a truck driver then Director of Transportation. He passed on 5/15/13.

Fern Munroe passed on 4/30/2013; Worked in Legal/Insurance/Pension Department.

Pat Madden passed in February 2013

Oakley Rinearson, passed away April 27,2013 at age 86 in Oklahoma City. He had worked for TG&Y for 33 years and had worked under Mr. Skaggs and Mr. Keith.

Bobbye J. Fancher of Edmond, OK. She passed away on January 20, 2013.


Bob Ramsey – December 17, 2012.

Buddy Baker – October 22, 2012

Elaine Cain – September 4, 2012.

Steve West – September 26, 2012 – MIS

Lin Ives worked in Traffic for several years and lost a 4 year battle with cancer on June 1, 2012.

Calvin Skaggs, District Manager, 87, died May 28, 2012.

Lee Metheny passed away on March 6, 2012 at the Binger Nursing Home in Binger, Oklahoma.


Madge Butt, HQ Advertising Dept. died Nov. 30, 2011. Obituary Post

Ron Watkins, Store Manager, Kansas City Area, passed June 9, 2011. His wife sent this message, “My sweet husband, Ron Watkins, age 67, manager of four different TG&Y stores in the Kansas City area, died on June 9, 2011. He was so very proud of being a manager; we have our family room decorated with TG&Y signage, a framed old ad, toy trucks, and even his name badge worn while he managed his stores.”

Richard Gibson, Store 415 died May 13, 2011. Update: The Obituary for Richard Gibson

Marge Peeler passed away March 4, 2011. The obituary was in the Daily Oklahoman.

Bill Seaton passed away February 11, 2011. His funeral was last Saturday but we didn’t learn of it in time to post it earlier. You may read the obituary at for as long as the funeral home link is up.

Karen Ann Cochran, worked as a programmer at HQ, passed away on February 3, 2011.

Lois Chadwell, Advertising Accounting Department, passed away in 2011.


Ada Mae Forbes who worked at the 36th and N Western store before she transferred to the office, passed away this morning about 9:30 AM, 11/30/2010. She was Hue Weirsig’s administrative assistant for many years and was a wonderful person.
Edward J. Braun, August 2010.

Keith Wingo, formerly of TG&Y, passed away this last Sunday. His services are at Heritage Baptist Church in Oklahoma City today (Thursday, March 18, 2010) at 10:00 AM.

James Cooker District Manager, Dallas division died in the year 2010.


Ellen Williamson passed away November 12, 2009. As of today, 11/13/09, the obituary has not yet been published. Graveside services will probably be next week in Tulsa. Thanks Lorena Winkler Dennis for letting us know.

Bill Fehrenbach passed away September 1, 2009.

Our dear Bobbie Elmore..passed away February 9, 2009.


Roy F Kay (early day buyer and Shreveport Warehouse Mgr) – November, 2008


Georgia Mae Burlingame passed away December 10, 2007. Georgia worked for T.G. & Y offices over 30 years.

Bill (B. J.) Hair passed away November 24, 2007. He was Division Vice President of Store Operations over the OKC area stores. Obit was Nov. 27 in The Oklahoman.

Walter V. Tullos died October 13, funeral October 17 in OKC. Walter Division Vice President Store Operations and a really nice man.

Dudley Patteson died October 10, memorial services October 13 in OKC. Dudley was manager of the Cafeteria at TG&Y Headquarters; his wife Maurice assisted him.

Bernice Morrow passed away September 5. She worked in Mail & Requisition Department and helped keep the Requisition Book up-to-date. A tremendous job, she was an employee for more than 24 years.

Nelson Neumeyer passed away July 9, 2007. After retiring from TG&Y he went to work for TLC Nursery and they posted a nice obit at

Max Avers – July 14, 2007 – OKC. The following link is to his obituary for as long as it works. Max was Director of Financial Accounting until he left TG&Y in 1982.

Judy (Droze) Graf – April 23, 2007 in Dallas. She was a secretary in the Buying Department and was promoted to Buyer of Infant & Children Wear.

Diane (Carey) Williams who passed away in early March – Diane worked with Bobbie Elmore.

Merle Zenk passed in February. Merle worked with Phil Carr.

The following were announced at the reunion but no dates were available: Wes Phillips, John Robinet, Jim Reagan and Bob Ray.


Hue Wiersig who passed November 26, 2006.

Between the April 2005 & April 2006 reunion, we have lost :

“Bob” Ray R.D. Finnigan


(email me with others or post a comment below):

O.H. Goss J.R., February, 2005

James E. Cox (VP/Treasurer) 12/2003

Connie Mullen (Soto) (Analyst) – August 30, 2000

Prior to 2000

Bill Kesler (Store Manager/DM) 4/1999

Deborah K. Hall (Executive Secretary) 1992

John Huffman (MIS) 12/31/1985

Walter Scott Nichols Jr. (Store Manager, Dumas, TX) Died in 1980. This information was reported by his son who said “He was a dedicated employee, and he lived T G & Y.”

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