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Edwina Edwards Johnson

Date of Death: 11/17/2017



Edwina was one of the most kind, caring, considerate and upbeat people I’ve ever met. This says a lot because I’ve known many people, most from my days with TG&Y, with those qualities. When I moved to York she welcomed me with open arms. Bill and I had dinner on several occasions with she and John, but for some time, both Bill and John traveled so we had girl time. Bill and John passed within a few years of each other.

We would have long talks about a variety of topics. Edwina was born the same year as my father. I never really saw an age difference and we always enjoyed our time together. I always learned something from her. I remember her vintage red velvet living room furniture and how she always made me feel at home.

Edwina took notes in shorthand. Yes, shorthand. She frequently had a steno pad full of shorthand notes. She inspired me to learn shorthand but it never took. I probably still have the book on a shelf somewhere. Maybe I’ll give it another try.

Goodbye for now dear friend!

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