Additional Pension Information

I’m getting conflicting information about the pension information. The previous information was for Principal which to the best of my knowledge was handling the annuity contract issued to TG&Y employees who were given the annuity if they had more than $1,500 in pension benefits when the change was made by McCrory.  Those who had less than $1,500 in benefits were paid at that time.

If you worked for TG&Y and also McCrory, you may have also been entitled to the McCrory pension (Samsonite) which is handled by

Samsonite Retiree Services
PO Box 5149
Boston, MA  02206-5149

or 575 W. Street suite 10
Mansfield Mass. 02048

According to former employee feedback, the administrator is a man who’s name is Justin Jeffrey and his direct number is 508-851-1415 .

If anyone else has more clarifying information, please let us know via email to or post a comment to this blog.

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